Wednesday, May 30, 2012

☩DIY☩ Rhinestone Wedding Garter (Or Glitzy Headband)

Things you need for this DIY:
✝ stretchy lace ribbon
✝ rhinestone appliqué - get one here or here
✝ needle and thread
✝ hot fix rhinestones & rhinestone setter or iron (optional)

Total time:
1 hr

Total cost:
$6 for the appliqué
$3 for the lace
$3 for the rhinestones

If you have planned a wedding or have helped someone plan a wedding then you are probably familiar with the dreaded "wedding mark-up". If you aren't, it's when something costs three times the usual price because everyone knows people will pay out the a$$ for their special day. I find this phenomenon offensive and DIY is my way of fighting back! No I will not spend $200 on a bridal garter! Stand with me ladies!

It was really hard to choose an appliqué, there were so many pretty ones. Can I just put them on everything?

Make sure the lace is very stretchy, you don't want it falling down.

Cut it to the right length.

Find the center and sew on the appliqué.

Arrange the hot fix rhinestones and iron on.

Fold inside out and sew.

Voilà! Make this a little bigger and it would make a gorgeous headband. Or keep it the same size and put it on your dog, I won't judge.

Have a wedding!


  1. Wow, that's lovely. It would make a lovely bracelet too.
    But you're right, $200 for a garter, that's absurd, I won't be paying that when my day finally comes in many years time!
    Dreams In A Poppy Field...

  2. A lovely one <3
    Sometimes I think I would even sew my wedding dress myself :D

  3. Where can you find the stretchy lace? I am SO doing this.

  4. Ren Ariel! I have desperately been looking for the lace that you used in your garter tutorial. Where can I find it!?!

  5. You can find the lace at Hobby Lobby, it is sold by the yard.

  6. I've also seen the stretchy lace at JoAnn Fabric and at Michael's...both within the last few days, even!

  7. I would love to have this Rhinestones Wedding Garter for our celebration. My mom made one for me and I still keep in it! Love your post.

  8. Thank you for this post. My daughter is getting married and you are so right. Everything is expensive.